Month of Mayhem

Month of Mayhem is a chance for you to spend 4 weekends with Liam pushing your comfort zone and getting personalized feedback about how you communicate with women. First you’ll learn Social Freedom: how to overcome that voice in your head that stops you doing what you want to do. Approaching women because easy after this: it is no longer a gruelling ordeal but becomes a fun exciting way to connect with people and express yourself. Each week you’ll learn the simple but powerful secrets of eye contact, touch, body language and conversation that allow you to have a powerful impact on the women you meet. Ever felt creepy while touching a woman? Imagine getting to practice in a low pressure environment with a female coach, getting feedback on how to make it smoother and more relaxed, so that you EXACTLY what to do when you’re on a date! Find yourself running out of things to say? You’ll also learn conversational tools that allow you to turn even the most boring small talk into a sizzlingly hot seductive exchange. Class format is 2 hours in the classroom with Liam and Zoe practicing all these fundamental flirting skills, followed by 3 hours in the field, applying what you’ve learned. It’s here that Liam will listen to your conversations via wireless microphone so he can give you feedback that you can apply INSTANTLY on the next you girl approach, meaning you’re learning and professing from every single interaction. Class is every Saturday for a month, allowing you to implement what you’ve learned in your daily life and come back with questions. You’ll also get access to the private facebook group where Liam and your classmates can share struggles, ideas and breakthroughs, and you can meet like minded guys on the same journey of self discovery as you. Liam is moving to Europe in March so this is the last chance to train with this world renown Rapid Escalation master before he leaves Australia for good! January 3, 17, 24, 31 Feburary 7, 14, 21, 28

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