Barcelona Residential

Week long residential in Barcelona. Gorgeous beaches, perfect weather and of course... sexy women. Daily training at Beaches, Cafes, street, lounges and clubs. Theory session, role playing classes with female models, open forums and lots of infield training with James, Jess, Tony and Liam as your wingmen. During the residential they will cover:
  • Conversation & Flirting
  • Touch escalation and sexual skills
  • Dating and extraction
  • Sexual intent and energy mastery
  • Meditation & state control
  • Posture and Body Language
  • Inner game and confidence building
  • Lifestyle design
  • Infield coaching day & night
With coaching sessions all day and night, the coaches will take you a variety of theory, practical and live infield training. Daily timetable will include a mixture of:
  • Role playing sessions with female models
  • Meditation and body mechanics classes
  • Day and night infield training every day
  • Personal hidden microphone sessions
  • Advanced theory classes and forum discussions
  • Plenty of time to socialise with the coaches and watch them in action
8 students total - Only 6 places left, apply now! Coaches: James Marshall Liam McRae Jess Daly Tony Solo Dates 29th June - 5th July Price By application. Please fill in the inquiry form below and a TNL team member will be in contact soon with full information. Check out this incredible review by residential student

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