Seduction Tip: Listen to you Feelings

This question buzzes through my head from time to time. In seduction, what women are right for me? A serious-minded, confident woman? Or a bubbly, silly, outgoing woman? It can be confusing, I understand. But what actually is true is, no particular type of woman is right for you. When you only focus on a particular type of woman, you miss out on the rest of the flavors. It’s fine to want women with certain qualities, but each individual woman has something new to offer. To really notice which women are right for is to pay attention to the feelings that arise in you. Emotions that arise while you’re talking to her, will be your guide to know who is right for you. Listen up. Especially those just starting your seduction paths.

So, like I said, pay attention to the feelings that arise you while in her presence. To see a woman and automatically think she is right for you is naive. You know nothing about her. It’s better to go to talk to her but choose if she is right for you by how you feel while in her presence. It’s standing there talking to her, and naturally allowing good emotions to arise. It’s really easy because she’s attractive to try to find a positive feeling for her. See how naive that is. Whenever you’re trying to make something arise for her, that should let you know she is not for you.

Now, don’t confuse this with appreciation of her beauty. Appreciate it. That brought you to her. What I’m talking about is making sure your bringing women in your life that you can enjoy for who they are. This is the key to knowing how to get a girlfriend you want. Lasting happiness in a relationship is a stem of what you have manifesting through your feelings. Internalize that and understand that what’s really going to make you happy is sharing your presence with women who make you feel good. Not who you depend on to make you feel good.

But women who while interacting with them, you really enjoy them. Fuck trying to find a particular type of woman. Definitely if you haven’t experimented with enough women to know which qualities you prefer and which you don’t. And as time goes along certain women will immediately turn you off and some will turn you. Otherwise, rely purely on how you feel while with her to determine if she’s right for you.

Really hope that cleared up trying to determine which women are right for you. I haven’t experimented with every type either but this is what I noticed in talking to many different women. It shocked me that some women turned out to be different from what they first presented to me. Seduction is really unpredictable. Catch you next time on the Melbourne Lair. Gotta love it. Adios my fellow seducers.