PUA Trap vs. Change as a Man

I’m very passionate about this article due to the fact that I have seen recently a lot of just bullshit. Youtube is filled with exactly that. I have literally singled my mind only to certain seduction teachers and infield videos. Since the seduction community is getting more popular, the thing that will happen is a route to sex with the least amount of resistance. That’s the trap I want to present today. This is strictly from the heart, and I want to help you to stay clear of the easy route. It will fold on you. This is how.

Stop fucking wanting to avoid pain. It’s natural as humans to we want to take the road that will lead us to pleasure and away from pain. Pain doesn’t feel that great to the body. I know this just as you do. But have you ever noticed that the way you have grown up in relation to women has brought you more pain than the transformation needed to get women. Men now-a-days just want the result. I see prank videos with PUA now. I see videos that say “kissing women without talking” or “How to kiss a girl in 10 seconds?”

It has shown me that men really are always trying to find the easiest way to get into a woman’s pants with little resistance. Using one liners are what most of these videos are advocating. I’m completely just turned off by it. Connection is where the true beauty of seduction dwells. Sex is the gravy on top. Men are always avoiding the proper way because it takes transformation to hold presence with a women and really connect as beings. Even if you do get her number the easy way of just using something like “You’re cute, give me your number”, you will be exposed. This works many time because women rarely get approached during the day but guess what….you will be exposed. Which brings me to the next point.

Without the actual changing of who you are, you will be EXPOSED. Women will find out who you really are. See, men want the result but don’t want to change. So, when they actually do get the result the wrong way, they never are really satisfied. Understand that women really want to know you, not who you seem to be. They’re interested in seeing what you have to offer. Trust me, it’s horrible when you are.

It’s a very touchy subject for me because I used to manipulate women for what I wanted. I wanted the result and got it being something I thought women wanted. I got exposed. It’s a terrible feeling living as a lie. So, I want to end by saying is that is the easy route will always be there. It’s up to you to live the lie and get a little instant gratification or transform be offer women what you have as a man. Choose wisely. Until next time on the Melbourne Lair. Adios my fellow seducers.