Presence Apart From Seduction

It is my sweet pleasure to write this article because I actually love anything that pertains to spirituality and internal happiness. Spirituality is a deep and fundamental part of transformation for anyone. This is not about religion. It’s all to do with who you are as a being. The part of you that is intangible. In many of the articles, the topic is seduction or learning how to seduce girls in a more effective way. The article here is much different. This applies to every person on earth. This is what I have learned through various sources but I have come to believe through experience and noticing others with an even deeper spiritual walk. This is absolutely something that I will dive into and share why I really believe that presence is truly your greatest strength.

In the present moment, nothing exist but Alive-ness. Judgments, insecurities, worries, ego etc., all wither away. See, the ego is where our negativity comes up in situations with people. It literally will paralyze and cripple us to show who we are in our rawest fashion. Worries about what you don’t want dissipates. Insecurities in us arise from comparison of what is conditioned in us to be the most desirable thing, trait, or body type to society. It seriously leaves the moment like it was never there. And judgments about what is “right” is over-ruled by what is. Which is Now. Happiness exist because you feel alive in your body. Your being is running your mind instead of vice versa. You move your awareness from your mind to your body. The present moment holds enjoyment of what is happening now. It feels amazing to just be with people now with all your attention. Which brings me to the next reason for my belief in this.

It is the most enlivening to be present but it requires focus. James Marshall (seducer a part of the Melbourne Lair and Trained in Kung Fu) says it best, “Don’t build a story around what you feel. Because without a label, it’s just a sensation”. It ties directly to controlling your focus. Tremendous focus of taking your awareness from your mind to your body is what you are doing in this process. So, basically focus all your awareness on your breathing to get out of your mind. Another way is to travel through your body and become aware of certain parts of the body but I believe this is better. Focus on your breathing (through your stomach) and watch what enters your mind. This is the holy grail of life I believe. The moments that hold the most excitement, happiness, beauty etc, is the present moments.

Lastly, I truly believe the present moment is our greatest strength because we are unique as we are in the “now”. There are limitations we put on ourselves (to help society function I guess), which are words to describe who we are. To put labels on who we are or our experience is to limit who we are or our experience. Each individual person is a very unique and interesting being with more than enough to offer the world around us. So, to train yourself to constantly be present is life-long but well worth it to enjoy the journey instead of the destination. When you are present, you are unique. We give the liberty by the way to those around to be their unique selfs. We unconsciously give others the permission to be who exactly they are. Your ability to process and be decisive increases. You are in alignment with your core in the present moment. It’s sooo fucking fulfilling to be here and now. Writing this is here and now. I just love this that I’m writing. Making love to this keyboard with my finger strokes. Ok Ok a little weird but I am grateful to share this article particularly with you. I am deep and in love with self-discovery and discovering the depth of riches that lies in all of life.

Experiment with being there now with others. Focus your awareness to your body and start feeling the aliveness that spring from these special moments = which is truly this moment now. Adios my fellow seducers. I’m happy. I love you. Bye Bye.