Genuine Men Attract Women

The power of being genuine is a so looked over that I’m going to bring it to your attention. The ways in which it has changed my life are; I have met others who actually care about who I am and my plans, I only attract honest individuals in my life because I am honest, seduction has become easier, people are able to unconsciously be genuine back because I virtually make others feel open and real to do the same back, etc. I have tapped into this very potent power and trust me, I couldn’t have made a better choice.

Genuine? What does it mean to be genuine with others? Genuine men attract women? Basically and specifically put, to be genuine is to allow others to know “you” really are. It’s being honest and real in your interactions with others. It’s knowing who you are first and being exactly that in the presence of people. Genuine people live richer lives because they are always real with others. But don’t get me wrong, being real 100% all the time, all the time, is more difficult then it sounds. Examples:

– If someone is gossiping to you and you don’t care to hear it.
– Ingenious Action: Nod and agree to be polite.


– Genuine action: Tell them “I know you want to tell me this but honestly I have no interest in hearing it because I don’t talk about others behind their back”.

Now, doing this is frightening at first because what you are doing is killing the ego. So, it won’t feel good at first but of course any new skill take time after time in practicing it for it to become more natural. The sensation of being honest about who you are around all people at all times doesn’t leave after you have done it once. It’s like a roller coaster drop when first experimenting with being genuine all the time. Like a roller coaster, once you first do it, it’s extremely difficult but doing it over and over, it becomes easier.  You lose so much connection when trying to be something you’re not in front of people. More dangerously, you lose yourself. Yeah someone can like love your false self, but it’s not you. Now, the gains from being genuine all the time with others are authentic connection and communication. People get an entire range of your personality when you’re genuine. I look around for examples, and the person that come to mind is Liam Mcrae (a great seducer of the Melbourne Lair). His energy and style is not comparison to anyone I have ever met. He just is who he is and that attracts people who love him for who he is. And even if someone doesn’t favor your presence, it’s fine because chemistry is not between everyone.

Being genuine gives one’s life full meaning and emotions. It’s continues to enrich those who tap into it. I believe it makes the difference between attracting what you want and attracting what you are. I love it because I’m using it as I write these words. I’m leaving you now, but only with these last words.